Inspiration is vital and comes from many sources. Here are a few resources that have inspired me on my journey.

So many books, so little time. These are my classics.

The Hard Thing About The Hard Thing

I lived the first two years of this book and it accurate. Ben is an amazing writer and story teller.

The Fountainhead

Howard Roark is the ultimate entrepreneur!

Steve Jobs

Vision meets passion and execution.

Pour your heart into it

Howard Schultz on building both Starbucks and a long lasting culture.

Dealing with Darwin

Another Geoffrey Moore classic, hitting the innovator’s dilemma head on.

They Call Me Coach

Old, old school leadership lessons from the legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden.

Zero to One

Thiel’s book is simply the best to read when getting ready to start a business.

Just a few of my favorite blogs / sites that I follow to keep up on technology, growth and entrepreneurship.

Reid Hoffman

Rich discussions on various topics, from pitching VCs to disrupting diplomas.

Ben’s Horowitz’s blog / A16z

Management oriented blogs by the master. It helps if you like rap music as much as I do.


The best news on what is really happening in the bubble AKA, Silicon Valley..

Barking up the wrong tree

This guy compresses a lot of good suggestions into each of his post.


Specific site focused on helping SaaS businesses get from $0 to $100mm.

A couple of videos from my real guilty pleasure – watching Ted Talks.

On work life balance

Nigel Marsh will make you think about this concept in a different way.

On vulnerability

Brene Brown talks about the hardest of all leadership qualities.

On story telling

Andrew Stanton explains how to tell a great story.

On why the “why” matters so much

Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action.